Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally Up!

Austin Texas is the city where I got introduced to Permaculture. My Permie teacher Dick Pierce was teaching an organic gardening class which was a great jumping board for 'easing' people into the world of permaculture. And Austin is quite the permie place. To check out future and past events, put this link in your favourites;
Austin Progressive Calendar I was trying to find pics from my permaculture class with the locally famed Dick Pierce and Selwyn Polit but couldn't find any. So Selwyn, where did they go?? (email me so I can post a few)
Anyhow, it's saturday morning and my husband and 'brood' left 45minutes ago for a baby shower so I need to get my derriere in gear and get dressed and start the day!
Welcome to the site and if you have any feedback/stories/interview suggestions/links.. send them to me.

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