Monday, April 30, 2007

Opening Pandora's Box

Not here anymore in 30yrs?

Wow..I've gotten quite a few interesting responses (see comments on posts below)from people who consider nuclear energy viable. And browsing around some blogs and more blogs and thinking of how to write the next post (part 3)makes my head spin. I am totally unfamiliar with the terminology so I am going to put it out there; what article, publication, book can I read that can explain nuclear energy in a way a laywoman can understand it? (yes, I'd take one with pictures!)
That goes for those who are in the anti-camp as well btw. I think for the more indepth info I must not be using the right word combination for google.
Btw..thank you for your serious responses and thoughtful participation. It reminded me of my first blog (blogger round table, see sidebar). I had intended that as a blog where different bloggers with opposing or just different viewpoints would discuss an issue. Perhaps if I can find respectful bloggers from both viewpoints, I could still try that.
I am pretty tired. I probably only slept 5 hrs last night and not fitful at that.
Food for tired as I am, my brain is still awake. I wonder that I'll be dreaming about. (hmm....)


Randal Leavitt said...

The above article just has to be read. The nuclear "waste" problem is solved. Anyone who says it is not solved is ignorant or lying. A very readable article.

DV8 2XL said...

A very good primer on the technology can be found in the Canadian Nuclear FAQ by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock.

While somewhat centered on the industry in Canada, it will provide you with a good backround of the issues written for the layman.

Anonymous said...

One source I like is David Bodansky's Nuclear Energy, 2nd edition. It's technical but readable. It's published by American Physical Society, which means physicists trust the information in it.

I rely on it quite a bit for the nuclear portion of the discussion on my own blog.