Monday, May 4, 2009

Much needed update in backyard makeover..

Much needed update in backyard makeover and I wished I had the time to shrink these pics but I do not, bear with the upload.

A heapin' of crushed granite

the winding path (of crushed granite)

working on the side entrance path

leveling in front of back porch

cedar logs multi-use, this time, for leveling and making a strip veggie garden, it's a try-out

leveled, phew.

back porch from different angle. Path not tamped down yet.

side entry, building a spot for the recycle and garbage bins

note the side entry can be seen and things on the side are leveled off as well.

More garden pics later of the thing as a whole. Have to space out my planting this week. It's a loong process, especially when you do everything yourself

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