Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This week's deadline for Yurt building workshop aka Howie's Yurt Alert!

picture by B.Kemery
picture by Pacific Yurts

Howie Richey, our local Texpert has organized a Yurt building workshop. The deadline is this thursday April 26th, and the workshop is to last from April 29-May 8th. Here is some additional info:
"Where: Austin and Rancho Richey Refuge, Belmont, Texas
Who: carpenters, painters, do-it-yourselfers, students, Permaculturists, co-housers, co-op residents, musicians, home-schoolers, unschoolers, Scouts, tribe seekers . . .
Why: Think outside the cube.
How: Register by e-mailing.
Learn the essentials of building a quick, strong shelter or dwelling. Join the fun of prefabricating two (2) Yurts in Austin and assembling them in the campground at scenic Rancho Richey Refuge, 60 miles south near Gonzales. These Yurts will function as fun “cabins” in the camp. Registration includes seminars, tent space, and catered and shared meals. Participants gain free future Yurt camping coupons, as well.

Designer W. S. Coperthwaite from the Yurt Foundation in Bucks Harbor, Maine, will direct the project. He’s built more than 300 Yurts worldwide, including ones in South Austin and at Mo Ranch and St. Stephen’s School."

For details, please go to Howie's site.
Who's this Howie Richey?

Mongolian Yurt pics.

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