Saturday, May 5, 2007

US energy data information

Nuclear Energy Institute, check to see where and which nuclear plants are in your state

Thanks to some commenters, I have gotten a few references as to what to read in order to learn more about nuclear energy. Here are some websites.

For official statistic date from the US gov, go to the Energy Information Administration. It covers the gamut of energy used with all kinds of other stats imaginable, also energy info on other countries. Worthwhile checking out.

The Canadian Nuclear Fact site by Jeremy Whitlock. I haven't gotten through it completely but it explains an interesting fact how Canada and Britain developed their nuclear energy differently from the US'.

Another interesting read which I haven't gotten to yet but merely glanced, skimmed, what have you, seems to be an article from Scientific American called "Smarter Use of Nuclear Waste"

Another reading suggestion I received was the second edition of Nuclear Energy by David Bodansky. Published by the American Physics Society, it is apparently a technical read, but one respected by physics. I am saying apparently because I haven't even gotten that far. Then there is his 'The Status of Nuclear Waste Disposal'.

In browsing online, I have found other sources and then forgotten where I found it, but I have plenty to read anyway. This morning, I was pondering over this whole nuclear debate. I thought to myself that, inspite of the nuclear waste concern, that perhaps even if it is a legitimate concern (which to those who know more it supposedly isn't), the fact that we have little time to diminish CO2 levels it is a matter of something like this; you're on the ocean fishing. You hook a great big marlin which in turn stabs you as it jumps into the boat. You're bleeding and need to get stitched up but the only needle available is a fishing needle and it's a bit dirty. It gets washed off as much as possible but it's not exactly disinfected. Would you rather wait for a clean one on shore while your bleeding? Or do you say, sew me up already, I'll take antibiotics when I get to the doctor.
Ok, perhaps a silly way of putting it.
But I kept thinking this morning that those who are against nuclear energy, are worried about something that will or won't effect us later while we're having to make a very important decision NOW. Because if we don't NOW, there won't be a 'later'. What is more important right now? Is it time for a nuclear energy symposium for environmentalists?

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Check this site out, a United States Interactive Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices.